Diptych, two mirror panels (each 36 × 16 cm), one positioned in reverse on the wall
and with the pencil inscription NOT ME, the other with its silver coating partially
scraped off positioned on the wall in such a way as to let catch a glimpse of two
words (NOT I) apported with pencil on the wall underneath.
Overall dimensions: 36 × 33 cm. Edition 1 of 3 (+ 1 A.P.) (each unique)

The figure of the deviant, the person acting from the fringe of respectability, or
the psychopath not playing out society’s established and mainly accepted rules
has continually changed since the 1980s. The figure of the, at times romanticized,
social outcast had then given place to a new kind of sociopath: the ‘‘oversocialized’’
and, in part ‘‘over-educated’’ one. This figure is not an eccentric, on the contrary,
its fantasies, its strategies armed by a substantial lack of scruples are acted from
and directed at the social world. Playing by rules is seen as a failure in realizing the
own societal winning potential, despising the so-called losers that have failed in the
attempt. This figure has therefore become the ultimate beneficiary of a game and
on the run to (financial, societal, cultural) power.