Aluminum casting of a chair, 80 x 40 x 40 cm and a megaphone, 23 x 23 x 34,5 cm, sitting surface as a 3 mm glass plate,
adaptable aluminum pole, electronic devices, speaker, audio work (ca. 9 min.) saved on a digital device contained in the
megaphone, motion detector, overall dimension vary with installation. Signed and dated Certificate.
Ed. of 2 (+ 1 A. C. + Exhibition Copy)

A sculptural work consisting of an aluminum cast of a chair and a megaphone is placed in an interiour space. A motion detector mounted
in the space triggers the beginning of an audio work through a electronic devise from the megaphone when a person enters the space.
Defying expectations, a disembodied voice delivers collective actions on a loop: “We find, we possess, we anticipate, we adapt, we suffer,
we fail, we oppress, we lie, we dissappear, we repeat, we waste, we hunt, we kill…”

Portable megaphones are often used for mass communication. When a person sees a large crowd of people in one place, i.e. outdoors,
to transmit information or instructions, an electric megaphone is helpful when other sound systems are not available. In addition to their
practical impact, public address systems, including megaphones, had also social implications. In a figurative sense, the megaphone is a
mouthpiece that transmits a person’s message, opinion, wishes, but also frustrations in a higher sound level. The installation takes advantage
of the practical effects of a megaphone that uses this kind of communication in its effective hypothe- sis but that also allows, in this case,
a fragile, endangered note to play along. In this installation the public address coming from the megaphone, defying expectations, is of
a peculiar self-critical stance.