Four one-color screen print on copper plate mounted on wood (115x115x1 cm), an African Mask
Signed Certificate

Photo: Rebecca Fanuele,
© Vittorio Santoro
Installation view: Galerie Cortex Athletico, Paris, October 2016

Ref: Artist’s Statement and text by Monika Markzuk for the exhibtion at Galerie Cortex Athletico, Paris, Oct. 2016

Video by Alain Kantarjian on the exhibition:

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A large copper plate mounted on wood is positioned on the floor and on slope by an object (an African mask) placed under-neath on one of its corners. It function like a small „confron-tational“ stage. The various printed colored lines on the cooper board are instructions for a sort of ‘choreographies’, an evaluation of a given time span. Its dime-nsions corresponding to lines traced on the surface of the plate (each line with a diff-erent color), that were then multiplied by ten. This formed the basis for requesting a person to walk these distances, each time trying to coordinate his subjective feeling for time passing and the time that I had determined in advance for the trajectory. I then marked the actual duration covered by the person, contem-plating, once more, the discrepancy origi-nated by our perceptions of a time span.