Vintage chessboard and a same sized mirror are glued together (together: 29,7×29,7×2,9 cm), one origami (an owl) made out of a daily newspaper page is conceiled into the chessboard box.
Signed Certificate

Photo: Rebecca Fanuele,
© Vittorio Santoro
Installation view: Galerie Cortex Athletico, Paris, October 2016

Ref: Artist’s Statement and text by Monika Markzuk for the exhibtion at Galerie Cortex Athletico, Paris, Oct. 2016

Video by Alain Kantarjian on the exhibition:

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A origami (an owl) has been conceiled into the chessboard box. A mirror and the chess-board are glued together forming a peculiar object and mounted perpendicular to a wall on one of its side. From one side one is therefore able to see the composite image that the surface of the mirror reflects. On the other side one see the checker board with its light and dark alternating 64 squares: It might stand for a two-player game with specific rules and binary oppositions. In this case the board present no pieces to be played with: Therefore one might watch the game being played in one’s consciousness or one can think that the outcome of the game might not matter.

A viewer of the object is not able to see the two sides at once. The two sides have distinct outlooks and serve different purposes. Might they introduce/induce a visual game that can „illustrate“ the difficulty with getting caught up in one’s binary thoughts, as well as a way to change one’s relationship to them?