gesso and black paint on two pine boards (each 120x40x
1.8 cm), engraved trajectory done from memory by Adrian McGrath of a day long walk taken conjointly with Vittorio Santoro to all of the 21 locations where James Joyce stayed, worked and lived in Paris. One of the boards is positioned on the floor and the other one is mounted on the ceiling.

Photo: Aurelien Mole
Installation view: Galerie Jérôme Poggi, Paris, Dec. 2014

I asked an artist friend (Adrian McGrath) that has just moved to Paris from Dublin, to conjointly walk for a day to all of the Paris addresses where James Joyce had stayed, worked and lived. The pilgrimage was a sort of a pretext to taking the time to walk and talk for about 10 hours (the time we spent going from one location to another visiting 21 of them).
We decided to approach basically three different topics during our walk: Why choose Paris? Does an artist need an intellectually stimulating environment for creation? Is happiness always to be maintained or it will ever just naturally be existent? And the relation about locations associations wheter that be books, Joyce or films, and some sort of contection relaying all of it.