Four Speakers’ Corners, I
(I Will Make Bets I Can’t Lose / You Will Bet On Something You Can’t Lose / They Will Make Us Bet On Something We Can’t Lose / We Make Bets We Can’t Lose)

Four photo booth stripes, each framed in a welded aluminum frame (25×25 cm), silver-grey adhesive tape on floor.
Dimensions vary with installation

Photo: Aurèlian Mole

Installation view:
Galerie Jérôme Poggi,
Paris, Dec. 2014
Element 1

„I chose different street corners in New York  where I would stand and loudly repeat several times one chosen sentence (being each time a permutation of the sentence “I will make bets that I can’t lose”). During the process I was photographed. Later,  I used the printed out photographs to re-photographe them pulling them up and down in front of a photo booth camera accepting the pre-established shooting time of the camera to add an element of chance to the way the images would appear on the photo booth stripes. The speakers’ corner that the title is mentioning refers to the Speakers’ Corner in London parks, the most known be the one in the northeast corner in Hyde Park. A Speakers’ Corner is an area where open-air public speaking, debate and discussion are allowed. The one in Hyde Park is located on the site that the Tyburn gallows used for public executions.“

Conversation with Thèodora Domenech (Nov. 2014):


VS-TD Interview_novembre 2014 VFrench_25nov14