white electric cable, five light bulbs with base, suspension devices, four plywood plates (each 185×107 cm) with an engraved continuous black line, forty engraved numbers in black painted aluminium rounds, blackboard paint, grey paint on wall. Dimensions vary with installation (Counter Space version ca. 4×5 m.)

“The installation In/Voluntary Movement Diagram (Josef K.), 2014, is made up of two elements: on the one hand an architectural intervention; and on the other hand a sculptural situation, in which visitors can both physically and mentally set foot. It occupies one corner of a room.

The work consists of a suspended light string fixed at a specific height, and four engraved plywood plates with a black-line track. The plates are positioned on the floor implying a kind of low podium onto which one might step. The continuous and labyrinthine black line relates to a movement diagram of a person’s steps through three rooms (incidentally, Josef K.’s physical displacements as described in the first chapter of The Trial by Franz Kafka). The manner, in which the electric wire is positioned onto the two walls, corresponds to a spatially closed loop. One of the four bulbs is purposely not lit. Reduced to four plates, one can physically and mentally follow the trail and step on the boards. The walk-in corner situation also evokes a feeling of protection, while at the same time subjection. Physical on the one hand, Vittorio Santoro’s installation can also be experienced more intellectually, like the reading of a formula that gradually leads to more rarefied results.”

Press release, Exhibition at Counter Space, Zurich,
March–May 2014

3 JULY 1913:

Image: installation view
Counter Space Zurich

Photo: Patrick Lafievre;
© Vittorio Santoro