Five pigment prints, each individually folded, each mounted on an oak plywood (each 42,5 x 34 x 1,8 cm); Frame (plywood with plexiglas: 81 x 222 x 8,5 cm)

produced by Paillard
Centre d’art contemporain

Photo: Patrick Lafièvre
© Vittorio Santoro

Installation view:
Galerie Jérôme Poggi, Paris

I re-worked five same images of a Ntomo Bamana Mask of Mali. Carried by young boys during their first cycle of the initiation rite, these Ntomo masks – with their thin mouths – underline the virtue of silence and the importance to control its own speech. The title of the piece is a quotation of one of the Texts for Nothing by Samuel Beckett.

V.S., Paris Sept. 2013