Wood structure (170x157x
80cm), copper, glass plate (145×145 cm, one edge unpolished), mirror (147x69cm)
Unique (+1 A.C.)

Photo: Marco Blessano;
© Vittorio Santoro

Installation view: Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard, Paris,
March 2012

“…a slippery ramp… a solid and empty object at the same time, translucent but also opaque…
A ramp promise an elevation – this one maybe more of the mind, as it that does not realise itself physically… the mirror inside the object (seen from the back of the sculpture) reflects a hollow space… three of the fours sides of the suspended glass sheet are polished, one is left unpolished – a potentially physical danger… One side of the object echoes the size of the cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin – 1,57 m… the human scale… ”

Vittorio Santoro,
Paris, March 2012