Pencil on wall, cables, suspen-
sion devices, 6 bulbs with china base, programmed light cycle (the bulbs are lightened up 108 minutes per day, each day at a different hour), electronic devices (6-channel Dimmer-box, Lan-box), red adhesive tape. Dimensions vary with
Edition 1/3 (+1 A.C.)

Photo: Marco Blessano;
© Vittorio Santoro

Installation view: Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard, Paris,
March 2012

“…maybe a dialectical structure: the ‘public’ representation of Y. Gagarin 108 minutes first human flight in space around the globe on April 12, 1961 on one side, and the ‘private’, impenetrable corner structure made of cables, almost immaterially ‘protecting’ a corner for the absent presence of cosmonaut and his private, exclusive moment. A moment that was not able to be contaminated by the forces that helped to achived it. I like to explore this collusion between the individual and the social machine, with its rules, expectations, and its manipulation… The vertical distance between the cables echoing the size of the cosmonaut, 1.57 m…”

Vittorio Santoro,
Paris, March 2012

Press news:
Roxana Azimi, Le Quotidian de l’art (29 Feb 2012, Nº 98,
page 6) PDF/F