Cut out letters and graphite on
7 lined sheets of paper,
each sheet 29.2 x 21 cm
artist frame (wood, mirror)
size ca. 176 x 54 x 8 cm
signed and dated on reverse of each sheet and on reverse of artist frame
photo Rémy Lidereau
© Vittorio Santoro

All along seven days, the artist has cut out from daily papers the letters composing the sentence “You are still here”. Each sheet of this collage corresponds to a day of the week and a different inter­national newspaper (Le Monde, The Guardian, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Liberation, The New York Times, etc…). The letters that form the sentence are cut out from articles of some in­terest to the artist of the given newspapers. Even if this piece can be perceived as a score for the sound installation bearing the same title, this piece is neither a version nor a visualization of it. The im­pos­si­bi­li­ty of a linear reading of the piece disorients the visitor’s gaze. The mirror-sided frame (left) conceived by the artist dismantles the temporal line of the work, that otherwise would lead the sequence from the beginning to the end.

(Manuel Cirauqui)